Adult Music Workshops

Beginner Ukulele Workshop



Invigorate the soul....find your inner music!

Learn to play Ukulele!  Our workshops will kick start your ukulele adventure!

You will learn how to strum using different patterns, learn chords (up to 5) and how to read music scores. No skills or music experience required. 


Our very relaxed and encouraging workshops allows you to explore your inner expression and creativity without judgement or pressure.  



Workshop Testimonials:

"As a complete musical novice, I absolutely loved this ukelele workshop which had me singing & playing, not one but 4 whole songs, by the end of the 2 hours along with my fellow participants. Amy keeps things simple, accessible and fun. The group momentum was supportive too - safety in numbers! This liberating musical experience kept me smiling, humming & strumming along for days & definitely kickstarted a new hobby for me. Highly recommended!" - Jane Lawler.

"Fun, easy going, motivating, and liberating are just a few of the words to describe the ukulele workshop I attended in April. Amy has a passion to teach and create music for anyone willing to have-a-go. During the workshop I felt encouraged and relaxed, whilst being able to walk away having learned how to play, and how to enjoy the beauty of such a gorgeous instrument. Amy's expressive nature made for such an enjoyable experience, encouraging everyone to be at ease with music and song - sharing the laughs, the melodies and the opportunities to sing and play together. I love the way Amy provides a path for anyone who is willing to learn the ukulele, regardless of ability or musical knowledge. She is patient, with the right amount of funk, and it's her genuine love for music that shines through. I walked away wanting more!! Thank you". - Kris Thomas. 

"Deciding to join in on a couple of hours of ukulele on a busy weekend seemed decadent (personal time) and 'one off' (I don't even own a ukulele!). However Amy Gray unwittingly opened the floodgates to a new passion that is at once portable and achievable, meditative and rocking! Amy's musical professionalism kept us sounding perfectly cool and her beautiful soul gave us freedom to believe we were!!  I would recommend this as a way to learn a new skill, express yourself, sing like nobody can hear you, and be part of a very hip and cool crowd!"- Sara Retief.