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Kinder Beat Piano 
Group Classes for 
ages 4-6 years

$200 per term + GST (inc books and backing tracks).


Beat Piano Prep is an exceptional program for beginner piano students aged 4 - 5 years. Young children are now able to enjoy playing the piano in exciting and previously unexplored ways.

Focus Activities

Focus activities develop foundation piano and musicianship skills.

These include:

  • Keyboard orientation, exploration and playing

  • Piano specific coordination activities

  • Exploring clusters, glissandi and other musical units

  • Strong rhythmic focus and foundation

  • Movement, gesture and body percussion

  • Integrating props such as keyboard mats, hoops, rainbow rings and streamers

  • Musicianship development through songs, rhymes and percussion playing

  • Piano improvisation and ensemble playing

  • Reading of rhythm, pitch and graphic notation


Encore on keys
Group keyboard - ages 6+
$280 per term + GST
(including books & backing tracks) 
$240 + GST per term
(when new books are not required)

Lil' Keys combines keyboard playing with singing & movement!

The program features;

- A unique whole-pattern approach that facilitates faster and

more accurate learning.

- A full range of musical skills.

- Aural development.

- Singing and music playing & creating.

- Body percussion.

- Movement and gesture. 

- Speech or word patterns. 

- Rhythm games.

- Ensemble work.

This program will equip your child with the music foundations needed to successfully move on to piano.

PROGRAM - Encore on Keys (includes workbook, CD & flashcards). 

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