"Lil Melodies have great programs with passionate teachers. My 2 children love it! They sing, dance, play a variety of instruments, read stories and have relaxation time during lessons. Highly recommended!"
- Christine Richards


"My 3 and a half month old is loving these classes so far!! A great way to introduce them to all things singing dancing and music. I think he also enjoys watching other babies, especially the older ones who can do a bit more than he can - I can see his little brain ticking away trying to work out how to do what they are doing! Ha ha"
- Bree Strezos
"My almost 2 year old has had a fantastic time this term with Amy. Singing, dancing, clapping, exploring instruments and more! I can't stop him from singing at home!"
- Kylie Polkinghorne
"We've been doing music for a term now and my 16 month old loves it!!! Some weeks he's more interested than others, but he's learning new skills and interacting with other kids - great program!"
- Rebecca Braid
"My son has been attending Lil' Melodies for nearly 12 months and during that time he has enjoyed learning rhythm, rhyme, stories, songs, dance, and most importantly his imagination has thrived. While Amy has not directly been involved in our classes, I have called on her from time to time to seek professional musical advice about my son. Amy provided me with some terrific advice relating to my questions. I thought her to be very knowledgable about both music generally and how it specifically relates to young children and their capacity for learning.

I highly recommend Amy and Lil' Melodies to any parent with young children. The program and range of tools and recourses offered are wonderful"
- Monica McInnes
"Amy's incredible ability to encourage and involve young children to understand music is commendable. She is personable, reliable and has an excellent manner of communicating music themes to children of many ages. My sons and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Amy's music classes"
-  Gioia Gianniotis, Principle Architect at GPG Architecture & Design
"Kindermusik is the best activity I have done for my children. The classes teach so much more than just music and its a wonderful social activity for children and parents. So many concepts are introduced in the classes that can easily be extended at home. We are so lucky to have this opportunity in wagga for our children. I am so grateful I discovered lil melodies"
- Kate Bower
"My 6yo son had the pleasure of attending Lil' Melodies Moove & Groove program last term and it was fantastic. He loved it so much and looked forward to going every week. The digital home materials are so much fun too (even for mum!). Highly recommended".
- Ely Glenn 
"My 9.5month son absolutely loves his Village class. I really look forward the individual time alone with him and I know he loves it too. He adores banging on the big drum and bopping along to our singing. Its simply beautiful watching him learn and discover new things. Thankyou Lil' Melodies".
- Eki Chapple
"My family have been participating in Kindermusik classes for over 3 years an we love them! I have never regretted enrolling them and was amazed with how much the kids got out of them. It was particularly good bonding time with the kids when I was in the class with them and the time was set aside to enjoy music and fun together. As they get older it's nice for them to learn with independence and socialisation with kids their age. I highly recommend these classes".
- Avril Gintell